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Interactive Bowling Lanes at Level Up Entertainment in Columbia, Mo!

Get your bowl on at Level Up Entertainment in Columbia, Mo! Our state-of-the-art, interactive bowling lanes are perfect for all levels, whether you’re bowling gutter balls or on a strike streak! Our high-tech score tracker keeps the fun rolling, so all you have to worry about is the competition!

Get Your Game Out of the Gutter at Level Up!

Level Up’s Bowling lanes are open to everyone! Our lanes are always open, so it’s the perfect way to start the weekend, or get your game on during the week! Who said a Tuesday night can’t be fun?! Level up the bowling fun and bring a group, we love accommodating large parties. But, before you do, give us a call first!

Call Today to Reserve Space for Your Next Large Group Event!

Level Up Entertainment in Columbia, Mo is the perfect place to celebrate. Whether it’s a birthday bash or any other special day, we want to be your host. Give us a call to reserve space for your party!

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Laser Tag


Level Up the Fun with Laser Tag in Columbia, Mo!

If you’re the competitive type, Level Up Laser Tag is the game for you. Complete with a ninja turtles/streets of NYC theme, this fast paced game is sure to get your heart pumping! Once you’re geared up, you’ll embark on this intense game of tag, complete with lasers to “level up” the fun. Want to reserve space for a group? Easy! Just give us a call.

Get Your Game On and Reserve a Spot to Play Laser Tag at Level Up in Columbia, Mo

Level Up Laser Tag isn’t like other laser tag games - our version has a special twist! Level up the fun, and the stakes, with our ninja turtles/streets of NYC theme laser tag! Play ninja-style and get your heart pumping.

Call Level Up Entertainment in Columbia, Mo to Reserve Your Spot Today!

Have a big group? No worries - reserve space for your party by giving us a call today!

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Ropes Course

  • Fri: 5 PM - 10 PM
  • Sat: 11 AM - 8 PM
  • Sun: 12 AM - 6 PM
  • By Appointment

Test Your Agility with Level Up’s High-Flying Ropes Course!

Are you a thrill seeker? Then we’ve got the game for you! Gear up and test your balance with Level Up Entertainment’s high flying Ropes Course! Our course is the ultimate test of focus, balance, agility, and fun. Don’t wait - come experience the thrill today!

Conquer New Heights with the Ropes Course at Level Up Entertainment in Columbia, Mo

Our course is open to all skill levels! Try something out of your comfort zone and test your focus. Don’t worry, you’re strapped in and secure, so the only thing left to do is put one foot in front of the other. Participants must be 48" tall to participate or 42" tall if accompanied by an adult. Come give the Ropes Course at Level Up a try!

Call Today to Make a Group Reservation at Level Up!

Got a big group? Don’t fret. Level Up loves to accommodate large parties, but you’ve gotta let us know first. We want you and your friends to have the best experience possible, so give us a heads up before you level up!!

Mini Golf


Level Up the Fun with Mini Golf in Columbia, Mo!

Level Up has expanded and now offers an 80's themed, blacklight miniature golf course. This retro course will bring you back to the days of Nintendo, Star Wars, and more. Mini golf is fun for all ages.

Have a big group? No worries - reserve space for your party by giving us a call today!

Roller Skating


Take a Spin at Level Up's Expansion!

Come enjoy our 80's themed expansion and skate floor. This is a great space for the little ones to learn to skate or for adults to relive their glory days. The space features hardwood floors and a huge Pac-man disco ball. Yes, the play music from the 80's as well!

Have a Glow Party/Skate Party

Our expansion has a large are with tables so you can enjoy this retro space with your group.

Got a large group? Don’t worry. Level up your group outing, corporate event, or charity fundraiser by having a retro themed party. Everyone is sure to have a blast!

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Get Your Game On with Level Up Entertainment in Columbia, Mo!

Gamers, unite! Level Up’s Arcade has got it all, from your favorite classics to new and innovative games. Whether you’re a Pacman fan or are looking for new challenges, we’ve got the game for you. Have a big group coming? No worries, just call ahead and let us know so everyone gets a chance to play!

Reclaimed Classics and Modern Arcade Games at Level Up Entertainment in Columbia, Mo

At Level Up, we love the classics just as much as we adore the latest and greatest! At our Arcade, you can find reclaimed classics and play like they did in the good ‘ole days! Or, challenge yourself to the newest in gaming technology with modern arcade games. Regardless of your preference, you’re sure to find something to challenge you at Level Up Entertainment's Arcade!

Call Today to Reserve Space For Your Party and Game the Night Away!

Got a big group? Awesome! To be sure we have plenty of space for you and your pals, be sure to call ahead to make a reservation. We can’t wait to see you!